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For effective graffiti removal the best chemicals need to be used. We believe we use the best chemicals for the job. We have trialed many brands of graffiti removal chemicals on the market, and have sourced what we believe are the best chemicals around. We use different types and brands of graffiti removal chemicals and after considering the paint type, colour, thickness and surface type, we use the best graffiti removal chemical for the job at hand.

Graffiti removal is not a one chemical job. By using the wrong chemicals or techniques you can damage a surface beyond repair. Leeksons Exterior Cleaning have over 15 years experience in graffiti removal and have sampled all the major brands of graffiti removal chemicals as well as those only known to the trade.

Our self contained professional cleaning system is fitted into our vehicle so that we can supply our own power source using diesel engines and petrol generators. We can also carry enough water for practically any graffiti removal job!


When it comes to removing graffiti we have over 10 years experience. By using hot water (150 degrees Celcius) and and specialist professional grade chemicals we can remove graffiti from pretty much any surface.

See below for some of our previous work.

All images are of our own work


For interior graffiti we can remove the graffiti, then repaint any surfaces if neccessary. Some companies will just repaint the area without removing or masking the graffiti first. Although the wall may look good at first, within hours the old graffiti will show through the new paint. We at Leeksons will remove the graffiti and by using specialst chemicals, or in some cases mask the graffiti perminantly to ensure that the graffiti will not show though again.

We carry out work on -
  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Industrial Sites
  • Commercial Parks
  • Council Buildings
  • Private Homes
  • Business Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
  • Parks
  • Street Signs
  • Etc.