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Latest News
Clean Advertising - Reverse Graffiti

Every photo shown is of our own work.

Clean Advertising (Reverse graffiti, clean g
raffiti) has proved to be a very successful and cutting edge form of advertising that means your message can be seen by tens of thousands of people each day for weeks/months on end for a fraction of the price of a billboard, or other advertising methods.

We cover the whole of the UK and have placed f over 4,000 adverts in over 20 cities and towns.
Due to our first hand experience in this market we are able to effectively source the best locations and the right surfaces for your adverts.

We carry out all our campaigns ourselves and do not use thi
rd parties. This ensures attention to detail and a thorough campaign every time.



  All images are of our own work

Each campaign is different so please contact us for a quotation. We are unable to give prices on our website as there are too many variables.

Our stencils can be made from aluminium, mylar or diabond(typical stencil is 700mm x 700mm) We have worked with stencils 2000mm x 2000mm in the past.

Generally campaigns consist of between 20 and 100 adverts in one location.
If you would like a multi-location campaign this can be carried out using the same stencil meaning a saving for you.

We cover the whole of the UK and we can travel to any location you would like to have your campaign set out in. We cover Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Ideally 2 weeks notice is needed to arrange a campaign, but we have carried out campaigns with just a few days notice.

As we are
predominantly a cleaning company we have a good knowledge of which surfaces will clean the best and which surfaces will leave a good clean/dirty contrast, meaning your advert will look it's best.

We have carried out well over 100 campaigns throughout the UK, placi
ng over 4,000 adverts. We are easily the most experienced company that personally carry out clean advertising/reverse graffiti in the UK






Chalk Advertising

Chalk advertising is a very eye catching form of advertising. We custom make our stencils meaning we can create pretty much anything from individual colour adverts to large multi-colour adverts.

Chalk adverts are temporary meaning they will fade over time, or we can remove the adverts at a suitable time. This makes this form of advertising very useful for conveying messages on private sites to large numbers of people.

Research shows that posters are usually ignored as they blend into the background, and people to do notice them, however chalk adverts stand out and and attract the attention of everyone around.

Prices start from as little as £800 + VAT for local campaigns.

Contact Us
If you contact us today we will usually be able to give you a definite price in just 24 hours.

Within just 48 hours you could have your very own reverse graffiti/ clean graffiti/ clean advertising campaign up and running!

Seen by thousands every day!
We also carry out Mud Advertising and Chalk Advertising

FREEPHONE: 0800 6101 275
Mobile:          07940 125 275